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Register for a Free Screening and Flu Shot Thru Nov. 30

Are you keeping up with recommended health screenings and immunizations? Even during a pandemic, it's important to know your lab results and get a flu shot.

A primary care provider from the Aetna PPO is normally recommended for these services. However, other service providers are available Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, 2020, with all costs covered by the Carpenters Health and Security Plan. There is no out-of-pocket cost for participants, dependents, and non-Medicare retirees with medical eligibility.

Free On-site Lab Screening or Home Kit

For a limited time get a no-cost health screening at a participating LabCorp facility. Just go to the registration website and enter your zip code to locate a nearby LabCorp and schedule an appointment. A quick blood draw is all that's required to measure cholesterol and blood sugar, and also test for diabetes, thyroid problems, and prostate disease for males 40 and older. Results will be mailed directly the patient within five to seven business days.

As an alternative, a limited number of home kits are available. A home kit allows a patient to collect their own blood sample and mail it to a lab for screening. Use the registration website to order your kit. It will arrive by mail and include two finger-pricking devices, plus an alcohol prep pad, gauze sponge, and bandage. Just follow the instructions and use the postage-paid envelope to send your sample to the lab. Results will be mailed within five to seven days.

Whether you select a LabCorp appointment or home kit, remember to fast 10 to 12 hours prior to having blood drawn for this screening.

Free Flu Shot Voucher

The quadrivalent flu vaccine is available to eligible members and dependents age nine and older. Use the registration website www.coalitionhealthfair.org to request a voucher for a no-cost flu shot. The voucher will be sent to your email address. Simply print the voucher and take it to any Fred Meyer or Safeway pharmacy to receive your free flu shot. A high-dose vaccine is not available.

By getting vaccinated you will be 60% less likely to need treatment for the flu. Vaccination also prevents spreading the virus, which is especially important if you are in contact with pregnant women, young children, elderly adults, or anyone with a suppressed immune system.