January 1, 2022

Trustees Announce New Name for Merged Trusts and Plans

Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington has a new name... Northwest Carpenters Trusts.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Board of Trustees of the Oregon-Southwest Washington Carpenters-Employers Trusts and the Board of Trustees of the Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington agreed to merge. Joining forces, the trusts now administer fringe benefits for 40,000 carpenters, retirees and dependents in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Through collective bargaining, these benefits are funded through contributions from more than 800 employers within this five-state region.

In recognition of the geographic diversity and regional presence, the Board of Trustees voted to adopt a new name: Northwest Carpenters Trusts.

At the same time, the Board approved new names for the various benefit plans:

  • Northwest Carpenters Health and Security Plan
  • Northwest Carpenters Retirement Plan
  • Northwest Carpenters Individual Account Pension Plan
  • Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan

The Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington website has a new address: www.CarpentersBenefits.org. Links to the former www.ctww.org automatically redirect to the new address.

An important identifier that did not change is our phone number. As usual, call (206) 441-6514 or (800) 552-0635 during business hours if you have any questions or concerns.