Tired of mailbox clutter? Our eCommunications service is a paperless alternative to receiving statements, EOBs and other information by mail. When you sign up for eCommunications, you'll get these and other documents by email. Participation is voluntary and strongly encouraged by the Board of Trustees, because of the money-saving potential for the trust funds, which are the foundation of your employee benefits program. Frequently Asked Questions.

Make Your Election

You must be a registered user of our website to receive eCommunications. Registration ensures we have a working email address for you. You also need to give permission to stop mail delivery for documents sent by email. You can do this during or after you register. Here's how:

During Registration After Registration

In Step 4, read the disclaimer and click the top button to elect eCommunications. This will stop delivery of printed statements by mail.

Register now

  1. Log in with username and password
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Under My Contact Information, click the Yes button next to eCommunications.

Log in now

Whether you elect eCommunications during or after registration, you may request a printed copy of any document at any time. You may also change your mind and resume mail delivery at any time.

How It Works

All users receive eCommunications. However, it is the user's decision whether these electronic documents shall replace the printed versions by mail. This is why you must make an election. If you do not authorize eCommunications, printed documents will continue to be mailed in addition to the electronic versions available online.

General information, such as plan booklets, announcements and newsletters, will be delivered to the email account used with your registration.

Personal information, such as medical claims and benefit statements will be delivered to your Carpenters Trusts online account. We'll send an alert to your regular email address when a new document is ready. Click the link to sign in and see the new document.

You'll be notified by email when they're available and no longer receive them by mail.

  • Choosing eCommunications ends mail delivery for certain documents. Only Printed documents will continue to be delivered by mail. Authorizing eCommunications does not mean you will no longer receive mail from Carpenters Trusts. Only a handful of documents are available online. Your authorization permits us to deliver documents electronically when they become available—and to simultaneously stop delivery by mail.

See Frequently Asked Questions/eCommunications