Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan

Statement of Purpose 

The Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan and Trust became effective January 1, 1972. It has operated since its inception as a non-profit, tax-exempt trust administered by a Board of Trustees. The Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan and Trust is a savings-type account funded by hourly contributions deducted from wages pursuant to the collective bargaining agreements. Your hourly contributions are received by the Northwest Carpenters Trusts and then transferred electronically to an account in your name at Qualstar Credit Union. Once enrolled with Qualstar, you can access your account at several branch locations and thousands of ATMs across the country.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires the Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan and Trust to provide you with this summary plan description. The Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan's rules on eligibility, benefits and the circumstances that may result in disqualification, ineligibility, denial, loss, forfeiture, or suspension of any plan benefits are described in this booklet. In all circumstances, the terms of this Northwest Carpenters Vacation Plan booklet govern. You are encouraged to read this booklet carefully. Please contact Northwest Carpenters Trusts if you have questions or concerns.

Board of Trustees
Northwest Carpenters Vacation Trust

Last Updated: 04/20/2023