Electronic Payment

Did you receive a Payment Notice for COBRA, Self-Contribution, Domestic Partner, or Retiree health coverage? We now offer a secure method of making electronic payment using a debit card, credit card, or ACH withdrawal from your bank account.
There are several advantages to making an electronic payment:

  • Eliminates checks, envelopes and stamps
  • Avoids risk of postal theft and check fraud
  • Avoids risk of late payment fees
  • Avoids risk of cancellation for non-payment
  • Assures payment is received by Northwest Carpenters Trusts

To make an electronic payment, contact Participant Services at Northwest Carpenters Trusts. Call (800) 552-0635 or email We will send a secure email containing a link to the Converge payment page hosted by Elevon, a U.S. Bank subsidiary. This page will allow you to make a one-time, non-recurring payment. Your card/account information will not be retained after the transaction or shared with Northwest Carpenters Trusts.

Elevon will collect a 3.25% surcharge if you pay with a credit card. However, no surcharge will be collected if you pay with a debit card or ACH withdrawal.