Member Portal

Our website offers secure access to your personal benefits information. A one-time registration is required to create your username and password. After registration is complete, log in with your username and password anytime day or night to access your benefits information.

Participants May View: Dependents May View:
  • Work history 
  • Hours and contributions
  • Eligibility 
  • Medical claims through 9/30/2023*
  • Retirement credits 
  • Pension accruals
  • Vacation transfers
  • Benefit statements
  • Medical Eligibility
  • Medical claims through 9/30/2023*

*Claims and expenses incurred on or after 10/1/2023 are available at If you are enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente medical plan, go to


Member Portal may be used by active and retired participants, spouses, and dependent children aged 13 and older. Each family member must complete a seperate registration with a unique email address.

You must be enrolled in the plan to register. If you have not submitted your enrollment forms, download them here and return your completed forms to Northwest Carpenters Trusts.

You will need the following to create your username and password:

  1. Participant's name
  2. Participant's date of birth
  3. One of the following ID numbers —
    • Participant ID number (9 digits with leading zeros, appears on benefit statement)
    • Regence/Northwest Carpenters ID (NWC or ZLL prefix followed by 9 digits)
    • Retirees only: 11-digit number on Express Scripts prescription card
  4. (If applicable) Spouse/dependent's name
  5. (If applicable) Spouse/dependent's date of birth
  6. A working email address—cannot be identical to email address of another registered user/family member.
  • Apprentices: If you are enrolled with Northwest Carpenters Trusts and have hours reported, proceed with registration as a participant. If you do not know your Participant ID, call Northwest Carpenters Trusts at (800) 552-0635.


During registration, you’ll be given the option to receive electronic (paperless) statements instead of printed statements by mail. Learn more.

Message Center

When you log in to Member Portal, you can use the Message Center feature to send and receive emails to/from our Customer Service area. Message Center works like email but is more secure, which is why it is recommended for messages containing personal information.

Do you want to send a form or document to Northwest Carpenters Trusts? Message Center can be used to upload documents (files with .pdf extension) and image files (files with .jpg extension).