For Providers

We value our relationship with the professional provider communities in Oregon, Washington, and across the country. The information on this site should assist you with providing the best service to our participants and their families. If you have any questions, please call (206) 441-6514.

Medical Benefits

Administrator Regence
Eligibility To confirm eligibility, contact Regence and provide the ID number on the patient's Regence/Carpenters Trusts card.
Preauthorization A number of services require preauthorization with Regence. Click for complete preauthorization list.
Utilization Management Utilization review by Regence is required for any service requiring preauthorization. This requirement applies to both network and non-network providers. If you are a non-network provider, call Regence at 866-227-0913.
Claims Submission File claims electronically with local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan. Electronic Payer ID
60054 0153

Dental Benefits

Administrator Delta Dental of Washington
PPO Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier
Eligibility To confirm eligibility, contact Delta Dental of Washington and provide the ID number on the patient’s Delta Dental of Washington card.

Dental benefits are not available under Retiree Coverage.
Benefits Benefits are provided for preventive and restorative dental services, dental implants and orthodontia. The plan will pay 100% of covered services, subject to the plan’s dental fee schedule.
Claims Submission Paper Claims Electronic Payer ID
Delta Dental of Washington
P.O. Box 75983
Seattle, WA 98175-0983

Vision Benefits

Administrator VSP
PPO VSP Vision Care
Eligibility To confirm eligibility, contact VSP and provide the ID number on the patient’s Regence/Carpenters Trusts card.

Vision benefits are not available under Retiree coverage.
Benefits The plan pays benefits for eye examinations, prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses. If services are received from a non-network provider, benefits are limited to a schedule of benefits.
Claims Submission If services are obtained from a non-network provider, the patient must pay for services and supplies and submit a claim form to VSP for reimbursement.