Complete and Print Forms - You can complete most of the forms listed below right on your computer before you print. Simply click on a field in the form and type in the appropriate information. Then print the completed form, sign and mail it to Carpenters Trusts. These printable forms are in PDF format. To read and print them, you need the free Adobe Reader (which is probably already installed in your system). Click here if you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your system.

  • Retirement

    Change of Address — Please fill out this form and submit it to Carpenters Trusts if your address has changed. (Tip: For a paperless method, log in to the Member Portal and click My Profile.)

    Change of Beneficiary — Use this form to designate a different person to receive your Life Insurance benefit and/or Carpenters Retirement Plan benefit, if applicable.

    Authorization To Transfer Fringe Benefit Contributions - Home Trust — If you are a participant in Northwest Carpenters Trusts but working outside our service area (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) use this form to transfer contributions back to Northwest Carpenters Trusts, where your benefits are administered.

    Enrollment Application - Carpenters Retirement Plan — Complete and return this form whether you wish to enroll in the plan or name a different beneficiary.

    Solicitud de inscripción - Pensión — para designar a un beneficiario, debe completar este formulario para el Plan de Jubilación de Carpinteros y el Plan de Pension de la Cuenta Individual de Carpinteros. Por favor envíe este formulario a: Northwest Carpenters Trusts. La dirección de correo, el sitio web y el número de teléfono se encuentran en el reverso de este formulario.

    Application For 401(k) Contributions — To initiate an elective contribution or change your contribution amount, please complete this application and forward to your employer so they can update their payroll information. Before sending, it's a good idea to make a copy for your records.

    Solicitud para Contribuciones 401(k) — Para iniciar una contribución electiva o cambiar el monto de su contribución, complete esta solicitud y envíela a su empleador para que pueda actualizar su información de nómina. Antes de enviarlo, es una buena idea hacer una copía para sus registros.

    Application To Rescind 401(k) Elective Contributions — If you elected to have 401(k) contributions to the Carpenters Individual Account Pension Plan and would like to rescind those contributions, please complete this application.

    Federal Income Tax Withholding — Use this form to tell the plan the correct amount of federal income tax to withhold from your payment(s).

    Application For Direct Deposit — To apply for Direct Deposit you must complete this form and mail or fax it to Carpenters Trusts. The fax number is (206) 267-0652.

    Disability Leave of Absence Questionnaire — Use this form to declare a disability leave of absence.

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

    QDRO Enrollment Card | Alternate Payee — This is an enrollment card for an Alternate Payee. Please complete this form in its entirety and return it to Carpenters Trusts as soon as possible.

    Model QDRO - Pre-Retirement Washington Oregon,  — These sample documents can help an attorney create a QDRO acceptable to one or both pension plans for a division of benefits before the participant is retired.

    Model QDRO - Post-Retirement Washington Oregon,  — These sample documents can help an attorney create a QDRO for a post-retirement division of benefits.

    Model QDRO - Pop Up — This sample will help an attorney create a QDRO which will be acceptable to the plan for pop up.