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Moving & Relocation

Moving into or out of the area can affect your medical and pension benefits. Notify Carpenters Trusts when you move—even if only temporarily—so you receive important communications regarding your benefits.


  1. Notify Northwest Carpenters Trusts of your new address. Complete a Change of Address Form and return it to Carpenters Trusts. If you are a registered user of our website, you can log on and update your address information online.
  2. Notify Northwest Carpenters Trusts if you work in another jurisdiction. A provision called Money Follows the Carpenter allows you to have hours and contributions transferred to your home trust when you temporarily work in the jurisdiction of a reciprocal trust. Money Follows the Carpenter is an important provision for several reasons:
    1. It allows Health and Security contributions to your dollar bank so you don’t have to initialize under a new plan.
    2. It can impact your eligibility for Retiree Coverage.
    3. It can help you satisfy requirements for rule of 80 early retirement. Service must be in this jurisdiction to qualify, meaning contributions must be transferred to your home trust.

An Authorization To Transfer Fringe Benefit Contributions form must be completed and returned to Northwest Carpenters Trusts and the reciprocal plan as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days from the onset of employment in the other jurisdiction.

  • NOTE: 401(k) contributions cannot be transferred to your home trust. The reciprocal trust may or may not have a 401(k) program in which you can participate.

The Reciprocal Service provision can help you avoid a break in service, satisfy ten-year vesting, and satisfy eligibility requirements for certain retirement and pre-retirement death benefits. However, it cannot be used to help satisfy three- and five-year vesting or rule of 80 early retirement.

Other Considerations

If you have any questions on this topic, contact Carpenters Trusts.