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Health Plan Adds New Prescription Drug Program

A new program from Express Scripts® offers health plan members a convenient way to save money on prescription drugs being taken on a long-term basis.

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, the Exclusive Smart90® Walgreens program allows plan members to purchase a 90-day supply of covered long-term maintenance medications from any Walgreens pharmacy. This program is for prescription drugs taken on a regular basis, such as medication to reduce blood pressure or treat respiratory conditions, asthma, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Patients must obtain a 90-day prescription from their doctor to purchase long-term medications through Exclusive Smart90 Walgreens. There is a copayment for each prescription or refill—$14 for generic drugs; $30 for brand-name drugs listed on the formulary; and $60 for brand names not listed on the formulary.

With the addition of Exclusive Smart90 Walgreens, plan members now have two programs for purchasing medications for long-term use. Previously plan members had to use Express Scripts By Mail to purchase these medications.

The health plan's retail refill allowance imposes limits on the number of times a 30-day supply of a long-term medication can be purchased at a retail pharmacy. Beginning with the third time, patients pay 50% of the cost instead of the appropriate retail copay. This is a way for the plan to offer high-quality benefits while keeping prescription drug costs as low as possible.

Copays for using Exclusive Smart90 Walgreens are identical to copays for Express Scripts By Mail. Either program is less costly than purchasing long-term medications at a retail pharmacy.

For instance, a 30-day supply of a generic medication costs $7 at a retail pharmacy. Through Exclusive Smart90 Walgreens or Express Scripts By Mail, patients can purchase a 90-day supply for $14—in other words, three months for the cost of two, which is a savings of approximately 33% over 90 days. Patients realize comparable savings when purchasing name-brand drugs. It is almost like getting a 30-day supply at no charge.

As the name implies, the Smart90 program is exclusive to the Walgreens pharmacy chain. No other retail pharmacy is authorized to administer this program.

Click for complete information about the plan's prescription drug benefits or contact Customer Service at (800) 552-0635 during regular business hours.