Northwest Carpenters Individual Account Pension Plan

Account Information and Fees 

Account Balance

Your account information is available online at You will also receive notice of an electronic benefit statement approximately three weeks following the end of each calendar quarter. If you provide your email address on, you will automatically receive a reminder when your statement is available for viewing. A paper version of your fourth quarter benefit statement will automatically be mailed to your address on record.

You will also receive a quarterly benefit statement from Northwest Carpenters Trusts. This benefit statement will provide the number of hours you worked each month and for which employer(s) and the hourly contributions submitted to Northwest Carpenters Trusts on your behalf. These benefit statements are based on the "received date" by Northwest Carpenters Trusts. For example, the first quarter – January, February and March – includes hours and contributions received by Northwest Carpenters Trusts in those three months regardless of what month the hours were worked. Generally, contributions are received the month following the month the hours were worked. For example, Northwest Carpenters Trusts generally receives January hours and contributions in February. We encourage you to review your benefit statement and compare it to your personal work records. If there is a discrepancy between your personal records and your benefit statement, please contact Participant Services at Northwest Carpenters Trusts.

Key Point

Please remember to keep your contact and beneficiary information up-to-date with Milliman and Northwest Carpenters Trusts. Your contact information includes your mailing address, your mobile number and your email address.

Administrative Fees

All administrative fees (including custodial, recordkeeping, legal, consulting, education, and accounting expenses) are paid from plan assets and deducted from individual plan accounts as a flat per account charge. The monthly cost of the plan's administrative office and recordkeeper charged to each account is currently $5.58. In addition to this monthly administrative fee, there are two transaction fees: (1) a distribution or withdrawal fee of $25 per transaction; and (2) a stale check processing fee of $75 per transaction.

Last Updated: 04/25/2023