Northwest Carpenters Individual Account Pension Plan


Vesting means you gain a permanent right to earned benefits, even if you stop working in covered service. Vesting is based on credited service earned under this plan and, in certain circumstances, under reciprocal plans (please see Reciprocal Plan Service). The current vesting rule was established on January 1, 2007 and requires three years of credited service in this plan or in combination with one or more reciprocal plans. At least one year of credited service must be in this plan. If you participated in this plan prior to January 1, 2007, and you don’t have any credited service after that date, you may have vested in employer contributions under a different vesting rule (please see here).

401(k) elective contributions, supplemental contributions and rollovers into the plan are fully vested beginning with the initial contribution.

For additional information about vesting, please see Article 2.2.

Last Updated: 04/25/2023