Northwest Carpenters Health and Security Plan

Eligible Dependents 

If you (the participant or retiree) are eligible for this plan, the following dependents are also eligible for this plan if they satisfy the eligibility requirements specified below:

  • A lawful spouse, unless legally separated. A lawful spouse includes a same-sex spouse if the marriage is a legal union under the laws of the state in which the marriage took place.
  • A registered domestic partner including domestic partners previously covered under the Oregon-SW Washington Carpenters-Employers Health and Welfare Plan.
  • Children through age 25 including:
    • Natural children.
    • Legally adopted children and children placed with the participant or retiree for adoption before the adoption is finalized. A child placed with the participant or retiree is with the assumption there is a legal obligation for total or partial support of such child in anticipation of adoption of such child.
    • Stepchildren.
    • Legally placed children if the child was placed with you (the participant or retiree) before age 18 by an authorized placement agency, or by judgment, decree, or other court order specifying you have legal custody. In addition, the child must be: (1) unmarried; (2) have the same principal place of residence as you; and (3) not provide more than one-half of his or her support. The residency requirement is waived if the child is away from home attending school.
    A child who attains age 26 has attained the “limiting age.” Benefits are continued beyond the limiting age for unmarried children who are permanently and totally disabled (please see Extension of Benefits), provided the child continues to have the same principal place of residence as you, and does not provide over one-half of his or her own support for the calendar year. Coverage may continue under this plan for the duration of the disability as long as you continue to be eligible under this plan. If coverage for a child with a disability is needed, you must submit a copy of the most recent Report of Confidential Social Security Benefit Information to Carpenters Trusts before that child reaches the limiting age. This extension of eligibility does not include life insurance benefits.

A dependent will not be enrolled unless the appropriate documents are provided (please see Enrollment).

Last Updated: 04/25/2023