Northwest Carpenters Health and Security Plan

ID Cards 

You will receive three ID cards when you first gain dollar bank eligibility and are enrolled in the plan. The information on these cards is used by your providers to verify eligibility with the plan and to electronically submit your claims. These ID cards are not a guarantee of ongoing eligibility. Medicare-eligible retirees receive different cards when they become eligible for Medicare as described below.

  1. Regence/Carpenters Trusts ID Card
    This ID card is for all medical services including physician, laboratory, durable medical equipment, and hospital services.
  2. Express Scripts ID Card
    This ID card is for all prescription services including retail and home delivery services.
  3. Delta Dental of Washington ID Card
    This ID card is for all dental and orthodontic services.

Medicare-Eligible Retirees

Medicare-eligible retirees receive a new Carpenters Trusts ID card for medical services and a new Express Scripts ID card for prescription drugs.

Last Updated: 04/25/2023