Northwest Carpenters Health and Security Plan

Right to Receive and Release Necessary Information 

All medical and claims information is confidential. However, to correctly process claims, it may be necessary for the plan to share information with or obtain information from others who are authorized to share such information. As a condition of receiving benefits under this plan, the individual agrees to the following:

  • The patient authorizes any physician, hospital, or other provider of services or party having knowledge to disclose to the plan any medical information it requests.
  • The patient authorizes the plan to examine any medical records of the patient's at the offices of any physician, hospital or other provider of services for the purpose of verifying services or supplies.
  • The patient authorizes the plan, in the exercise of its right to reimbursement, and individuals acting on behalf of the plan, to release any information about the patient's illness or injury, and the benefits and medical services received by the patient, to any individual who may be liable to the patient or to the plan, and to such patient's insurer.
  • The patient waives any claim of privilege or confidentiality that might be asserted in any action by or against the plan or the party furnishing such information.

Last Updated: 01/12/2024