Northwest Carpenters Health and Security Plan


The plan uses a prescription drug formulary plan design. A formulary is a list of drugs that have been determined by Express Scripts to be the most clinically and/or cost effective for each disease or condition. The formulary contains both generic and brand name drugs. A prescription drug not included on the formulary list will result in higher costs to you and may be excluded on the plan's cost savings program, such as step therapy. If a drug is not on the formulary, you should discuss with your provider whether an alternative medication is available. The formulary list is maintained by Express Scripts and is updated periodically. You may contact Express Scripts to determine whether your prescription is on the formulary before purchasing your drug. However, inclusion on the formulary is not a guarantee that the drug will be covered by the plan. Coverage will ultimately be determined when you request your prescription be filled. If your physician believes that a non-formulary drug is medically necessary for your specific situation, a formulary exceptions appeal process is available through Express Scripts. To initiate the process, you or your physician will need to call Express Scripts.

Last Updated: 04/25/2023